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In 1967, concerned and aware Fort Meade Residents, formed a 501C-3, The Fort Meade Medical Center Inc. with the express purpose of raising sufficient dollars to build a Clinic. By 1974 the group determined that it was not possible to raise sufficient funds to build a Clinic, so they instead used the seed money to attract a new Physician to Fort Meade.

Doctor Juan Carrion was recruited with FREE Office space, staff, Medical Equipment, and Malpractice Insurance. Dr. Carrion's practice flourished, and by 1976 his practice had grown too large for his cramped office on East Broadway.

Dr. Carrion and The Fort Meade Medical Center Inc. worked together with the City of Fort Meade to obtain the needed land to build a Clinic. In late 1978 ground was broken. Dr. Carrion and The Fort Meade Medical Center Inc. , Board had finally realized their goal with a grand opening on April 8th 1979.

The Clinic, continued to grow and thrive with the addition of Dr. Rojas. Then tragedy struck. Dr. Carrion suffered a fatal heart attack in 1984. Dr. Rojas continued the practice until he too suffered health concerns. 

The next five years, however would see the retirement of long time Fort Meade Physician Dr. Varn, and Dr. Rojas. 


This prompted the Fort Meade Medical Clinic Inc. to reorganize and expand, with the stated goal of number one attracting a Physician to Fort Meade and additionally to attempt to purchase the former Dr. Carrion's Clinic.

Bartow Memorial Hospital agreed to underwrite the cost of Recruitment and Salary guarantee for a new Physician.

Fort Meade Medical Clinic held a major Fund Raising Drive and was able to raise sufficient capital to purchase and secure the former Carrion Clinic, along with a mortgage from Sun Trust Bank.

It would take at least six Open Houses and recruitment attempts before Bartow Memorial and The Fort Meade Medical Clinic could claim success.

At last a perfect match was found, Dr. Luis Favilli agreed to open and operate his practice in Fort Meade. In July 1990 Dr. Favilli greeted his first Patient. Under Dr. Favilli's compensate style the practice grew and grew.

In June of 1995 The Fort Meade Medical Clinic Inc. and Dr. Favilli shared the cost of New X-Ray equipment for the benefit of The Fort Meade Community and Dr. Favilli's increasing patient numbers.

Bartow Memorial recruited an additional Physician to assist Dr. Favilli, Dr. Caceras. Then Mr. Flores who previously had been a Cardiologist in Peru was hired. Mr. Flores became an intricate part of the Clinic. Next Dr. Pedro Ruiz was hired. His practice became so successful that he established his own Practice in Bartow and later in Lakeland. Dr. Jarquin joined the staff and remained for over eight years. 

New Pressures were coming. In September 1995 when Polk County elected to close the County Hospital, Polk General Hospital. An immediate strain was placed on all Health care providers in Polk County with this closing.

In 2000 The Fort Meade Medical Clinic Inc., chose to change it's Corporate name to better reflect it's Mission statement. The name was improved to Fort Meade Community Health Care. Inc.

In the following years The Fort Meade Community Health Care Inc., conducted it's first Health Fair, which today has become an Annual Community Event.

Under Dr. Favilli's caring and dedicated hand, we saw his Practice continue to grow further and flourish. This was a very good thing for Dr. Favilli, and The Fort Meade Community.

In 2001 Dr. Favilli approached the Board about a much needed expansion to the Clinic.

January of 2002 saw the Ground Breaking for this new expansion that would almost double the size of the Clinic. The following represent just some on the new additions that were added to the Clinic at that time:

     Sonogram, Stress Test Equipment, Full Medical Lab, Bone Density Meter, and a New EKG.

The Fall of 2002 provided the perfect time to hold a reception and Grand Opening Celebration. This Open House allowed the Community to inspect this $250,000 addition. Upon it's completion Dr. Favilli signed a new long term lease. 

In 2009 Dr. Favilli recruited his nephew Dr. Quinonez to the Fort Meade facility. 2010 would see Dr. Quinonez's wife Dr. Marela Arquedas also join the Favilli Practice. 2010 would in addition see the completion of a Lakeland Office for the "Favilli Family Practice."

In 2013 Dr. Quinonez and Dr. Arquedas, assumed the Fort Meade Practice, from Dr. Favilli, and signed a new long term 15 year Lease with Fort Meade Community Health Care Inc.

It is important to realize that non of this transpired in a vacuum. The Community, Local Buisness's, and Individual's contributed and were generous with financial contributions, and their individual time that allowed this marvelous Organization continued success.

A dedicated and involved Board of Directors that meet Annually, and has proved again and again to be a faithful financial Stewart, while guaranteeing and meeting the Health Care needs of Fort Meade.

Officers 1989 to Present are as follows:

Thelma Chambers

Wayne Gunter

Don Marchman

Michael Stedem